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Installing Spring Insight Developer

Installing Spring Insight Developer


Spring Insight for Developers provides visibility into the inner workings of your applications. It is a free development tool provided by Pivotal.
This article provides steps to install Spring Insight for Developers.


There are currently two options when installing Spring Insight for Developers:
  • Pivotal tc Server Developer Edition

    vFabric tc Server Developer Edition is a version of tc Server that is targeted toward development environments. For example, it can be installed on developer workstations or in a QA environment. With tc Server and Insight installed, developers and QA personnel can readily monitor any application deployed to this server. For more information, see tc Server Developer Edition.

  • SpringSource Tool Suite (STS)

    STS installs a comprehensive development environment (IDE) for developing Spring based application. Included in this environment is a tc Server instance which has Insight pre-installed.  For more information, see SpringSource Tool Suite.
Note: The version of Spring Insight that comes with tc Server Developer Edition and with STS is for development purposes only and is not intended or licensed to be used in a production environment.

To install Pivotal tc Server Developer Edition:
  1. Login to Pivotal Network.
  2. Expand the Pivotal tc Server Developer Edition Download link.
  3. Click the download link for the .zip binary or the .tar.gz binary.

    Note: Both binaries contain the same files. They are just compressed differently.

  4. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. When the archive has finished downloading, extract it to any location on your hard disk.
    • A typical location on Windows might be c:\springsource\springsource-tc-server-developer 
    • A typical location on a Unix / Linux system might be /opt/springsource/springsource-tc-server-developer

  6. The installation of vFabric tc Server Developer Edition is now complete. You can use the scripts located in the "bin" directory to start or stop the tc Server developer instance. When the instance is started, Spring Insight is automatically deployed and begins monitoring any other application deployed to the instance.
To install STS: 
  1. Go to http://spring.io/tools.
  2. Click Download STS.  It will guess at your operation system.  If you want a different OS, click See all versions at the bottom. 
  3. The download will be an archive.  Extract the files to any location on your hard disk.  Click the STS to launch the program.
  4. After the STS installation is complete, launch STS and locate the Servers tab. This tab contains a pre-configured tc Server Developer instance complete with Spring Insight. You can use the normal start and stop mechanisms in STS to control this instance. When the instance is started, Spring Insight is automatically deployed and begins monitoring any other applications deployed to the instance.

Additional Information

Pivotal tc Server Developer Edition and STS are for development environments only and are not licensed for or supported in production environments. If you are looking for a similar tool that can be run in a production environment, see the Spring Insight downloads on Pivotal Network.


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