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Using tcruntime-instance.sh/tcruntime-instance.bat upgrade command in VMware vFabric tc Server 2.6 (2018466)



  • Executing the tcruntime-instance.sh or tcruntime-instance.bat upgrade fails with error: 
Upgrade failed. Instance to upgrade '/incorrect/path/to/instance' does not exist



This article provides information on the correct usage of tcruntime-instance.sh or tcruntime-instance.bat upgrade command.



The error mentioned above is a common error, seen when upgrading a tc Server instance, which results from the incorrect usage of the tcruntime-instance.sh/tcruntime-instance.bat upgrade command. This incorrect usage of the command typically stems from the explanation of the upgrade feature that is provided in the vFabric tc Server 5.0 documentation.

The vFabric tc Server 5.0 documentation provides the following explanation as step number eight.


For each existing tc Runtime instance you want to upgrade, run the following command:

prompt$ ./tcruntime-instance.sh upgrade instance --instance-directory instanceDir


  • instance refers to the name of the sub-directory that contains the tc Runtime instance you want to upgrade, such as myserver.
  • instanceDir refers to the full or relative path name of the directory in which the instance lives.

While not incorrect, the description above is a bit vague. The following clarifications will help to make the command's usage more clear.

  • In the example command, instance should be the full or relative path to the existing tc Server instance.
  • In the example command, instanceDir should be the full or relative path to the directory where the upgraded instance will be located.

    Caution: The instanceDir option does not refer to the directory where your instances currently reside.
For example, here is an example that further explains the usage of the tcruntime-instance.sh/tcruntime-instance.bat upgrade command.


The current version of tc Server installed is 2.6.1. It is installed in /opt/vmware/vfabric-tcserver-standard-2.6.1.RELEASE.

The latest version of tc Server is 2.6.4. It installed in opt/vmware/vfabric-tcserver-standard-2.6.4.RELEASE.

Currently, instances are installed under opt/vmware/tc-server-instances/2.6.1. There are two instances that exist my-instance-1 and my-instance-2

Given this information, the following commands would be used to upgrade themy-instance-1 tc Server instance.

cd /opt/ vmware/vfabric-tcserver-standard-2.6.4.RELEASE
./tcruntime-instance.sh|bat upgrade /opt/vmware/tc-server-instances/my-instance-1

This would result in the tc Server instance located at opt/vmware/tc-server-instances/2.6.1/my-instance-1 being copied to opt/vmware/vfabric-tcserver-standard-2.6.4.RELEASE/my-instance-1 and upgraded to version 2.6.4.RELEASE.

Because the -i or --instance-directory option is not specified on the previous command, the instance is copied to the current working directory. To control where the upgraded instance is copied, simply add the -i or --instance-directory option to the command.

cd /opt/ vmware/vfabric-tcserver-standard-2.6.4.RELEASE
./tcruntime-instance.sh|bat upgrade /opt/vmware/tc-server-instances/my-instance-1 -i /opt/vmware/tc-server-instances/2.6.4

The result of the above commands would be to have an upgraded instance located at opt/vmware/tc-server-instances/2.6.4/my-instance-1.

Additional Information

Note: It is important to understand that the tcruntime-instance.sh/tcruntime-instance.bat upgrade command never modifies the instance to be upgrade. First, it copies the instance to be upgraded, and then performs the upgrade on the copy.  This ensures that the original instance still exists in its original state if, for some reason, this fails.


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