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Configuring the MPM used in an HTTPD instance of vFabric Enterprise Ready Server (1036658)

Configuring the MPM used in an HTTPD instance of vFabric Enterprise Ready Server (1036658)


On Unix/Linux platforms, vFabric Enterprise Ready Server (ERS) HTTPD instances can be configured to use either the worker or prefork multi-processing modules.
Note: This article is not applicable on Windows, MPM is always set to mpm_winnt on Windows.


There is a different executable for each MPM; therefore the startup script (apache_startup.sh) must know which to invoke at startup and shutdown. The script contains a default value for the system; but it reads the instance conf/startup.properties file for the default_mpm variable, which overrides the script default.

The default httpsd.conf file supplied contains configuration parameters for both MPMs - for prefork in the <IfModule prefork.c> section, and worker in the <IfModule worker.c> section. The section that matches the configured MPM to be used. You may need to adjust these parameters according to your intended use.

To modify the MPM in use by the instance, perform these steps:
  1. Ensure that the appropriate MPM-specific parameters are present in the conf/httpsd.conf file.
  2. Make sure the instance is not running (bin/apache_startup.sh stop if needed).
  3. Modify the default_mpm value specified in conf/startup.properties (prefork or worker are valid).
  4. Start the instance again if required (run bin/apache_startup.sh start to start the instance )

Additional Information

Note: Apache HTTPD 1.3 does not have the option of the worker MPM.

Confidential or Internal Solution information

Once Apache HTTP Server 2.4 is released and incorporated into ERS, the event MPM is expected to be added as an option.

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