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Converting an Existing EJB-Based Application to a Spring-Based Application


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Many businesses have existing EJB-based applications which are running on heavyweight J2EE application servers. It is often desirable to convert these applications to lighter-weight Spring-based applications.

This article provides information about the process of converting from an EJB-based application to a Spring-based application.


Before converting a currently running EJB-based application to a Spring-based application, it is important to understand the general conversion process and the potential problems that may be encountered during the life of the project.

For more information about this process, see Case Study: Migrating Hyperic from EJB to Spring from JBoss to Apache Tomcat. This case study describes the process that the SpringSource engineering team followed to complete a conversion from the EJB-based and JBoss hosted Hyperic HQ Server application to a Spring-based and Tomcat hosted application.

Note: While this case study provides information about converting an EJB-based application to a Spring-based application, it is not a step-by-step guide for converting an EJB application to Spring. Each EJB application is unique, so the specific process used to convert that application varies based on the requirements of the individual application that is being converted.


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