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Changing the IP addresses of installed HQ servers and agents in VMware vFabric tcServer (2015223)



You need to move a server to a different network. You currently have a tc Server environment with three servers in it. The HQ Server is installed on one server, and the other two servers are running the HQ agent with tc Server instances on them. You must move these servers onto a different network, which requires you to change the IP addresses of the physical machines.


This article provides information on:
  • changing the IP addresses of installed HQ servers and agents.
  • where IP configuration information is stored in the product and how to change it.


Note: This resolution refers to the HQ agent/server that is bundled with tc Server 2.0. While the content of this article might work in more recent versions of tc Server and HQ agent/server, this hasn't been tested.
If you are changing the IP addresses belonging to the machines running HQ agent, you should experience no issues. The agent detects the IP address change and sends the updated information to the server.
If you are changing the IP address of the machine that is running the HQ server, you must reconfigure all the HQ agents so that they connect to the IP address of the new server.
To reconfigure an agent: 
  1. Start the agent.
  2. Run the command: 

    ./hq-agent.sh setup

    Note: This command produces the same configuration options that are used when the agent is initially configured. When prompted, specify the new IP address of the HQ server. The rest of the options should remain the same.

Note: Consider setting the log level of the HQ agent to DEBUG. This generates extra information in the agent.log file. Enable this setting by editing the agent.logLevel property in the agent.properties file. You must restart the HQ agent after editing this setting.

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