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Spring Insight is not showing detailed trace information



In Spring Insight or Insight Operations:
  • You see detailed request traces for the example web applications
  • For your own web application, you see information on the request and JDBC calls but few or no details


By default, Spring Insight traces only selected points in the application and environment. If your web application does not supply other hooks in use by the core plug-ins, Spring Insight only traces points external to your application, that is, from the container and JDBC.


Many trace points are configured by default and are traced when your application uses the Spring framework and Spring MVC, among others.

You can see which trace points are in place by checking what the core plug-ins cover. For example, the spring-core plug-in shows information for each @Repository and @Service annotation. For applications using Spring MVC, the spring-web plug-in traces each @RequestMapping, @ModelAttribute, and others.

As everything from the core plug-ins is traced automatically, it is not mandatory to rework your application to use the Spring framework or Spring MVC to receive detailed information from Spring Insight.

To received detailed information on your web application in Spring Insight:

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