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Migration from vFabric Enterprise Ready Server 4.0 to vFabric Web Server and vFabric tc Server


This article provides information on: 

  • Migrating from vFabric ERS HTTPD to vFabric Web Server.
  • Migrating from vFabric ERS Tomcat to vFabric tc Server.


Licensing Support

The licenses and entitlements for vFabric ERS, vFabric Web Server and vFabric tc Server are different. It is not possible to upgrade them using the My VMware self-service portal.  

Instead, when you are ready to migrate from vFabric ERS HTTPD to vFabric Web Server, or from vFabric ERS Tomcat to vFabric tc Server, contact your account manager directly, who can manually migrate your  vFabric ERS licenses to vFabric Web Server and vFabric tc Server licenses.

Technical Support

For more information on technical issues, see Migrating Enterprise Ready Server to vFabric Web Server on the vFabric Suite 5.3 Documentation site.


After migrating your licenses from vFabric ERS to vFabric Web Server and vFabric tc Server, you are no longer able to download the vFabric ERS product. Prior to migrating, make sure that you have copies of any ERS binaries that you may need during your transition.

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