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Backup to DD Fails and on the Database Logs, it Reports the Error "Stale NFS File Handle"


  • Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) 4.2.x
  • DDOS 5.4.3 and above


When running a backup from Pivotal Greenplum to a Data Domain device, the backup may fail with the error message "Stale NFS file handle" in Greenplum segment log files.


This issue has been identified as a bug in the Data Domain OS, DataDomain NFS bug #110344. The behavior that has been identified occurs when multiple NFS mounts are performed at identical times for the same export, and some mounts tend to fail with authentication failed errors. This is effectively a race condition in the NFS export module of the DataDomain code. While some mounts are successful, others report an error to the client indicating that the authentication has failed for this request. It is these errors that eventually translate to the "Stale File Handle" messages that are seen in the Greenplum Segment logs.


This bug has been fixed in the latest DDOS 5.4.3 release. The Data Domain device will need to be upgraded to resolve this issue.


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