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Problem upgrading oozie console server


Upgrading Pivotal HD oozie Stack from 1.1.1 to 2.0

oozie version 4

rpm -qa|grep oozie


The following warning popped out when running the command below to prepate the embdeded Tomcat server

$ sudo -u oozie oozie-setup prepare-war -d <ext-js-2.2-path>
INFO: Oozie webconsole disabled, ExtJS library not specified
New Oozie WAR file with added '' at /var/lib/gphd/oozie/tomcat-deployment/webapps/oozie.war
INFO: Oozie is ready to be started

After restart oozie service, the oozie console web has no valid contents

Cause and solution

ExtJS library is needed for oozie console. The above command requires  the ExtJS library in<ext-js-2.2-path>. Also, if you have other directories or files under this directory, oozie setup command was not able to interpret those files and it will report the error descried above. To fix the problem, make sure only the library file is in the directory.



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