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Known issues with the vFabric Hyperic plug-in for GemFire

Known issues with the vFabric Hyperic plug-in for GemFire


This article details known issues with the Hyperic plug-in for Gemfire.


Known Issues For GemFire 6.6.x and GemFire 7.0

  • Auto Inventory: If there are unapproved resources in the auto-discovery queue, GemFire resources my appear to not be auto-discovered. This results in no GemFire resources being added to the inventory.

    To work around this isse, approve everything in the queue.
  • Auto Inventory: If the platform hosting the Gemfire resource is configured too quickly after being added to inventory, auto inventory of GemFire resources fails.

    To work around this issue, initiate a new auto discovery from the Tools menu.

  • In VMware vFabric Hyperic 4.x, when you delete a plug-in that defines a platform type, the platform type remains in Hyperic. This remans true for GemFire and gfee plug-ins.

    There is no supported method for deleting platform types.

Known Issues For GemFire 6.6.x

  • When monitoring GemFire 6.6.x CacheServers, an Application Peers Monitor page shows this message: No indicator metrics available for this time period.

    No workaround is needed for this message. This message appears by design, since all metrics are grouped into services.

  • If a member's name is not explicitly set, the resource is discovered as gemfire.member.name.string. This text changes upon a restart of GemFire.

    To work around this issue, set the member's name.


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