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What are the parameters for supplying credentials to the gfxd shut-down-all command when authentication is turned on?

This covers GemFireXD 1.3.


Using either built-in or LDAP authentication the cluster starts up fine but trying to use shut-down-all fails with a 'Failed to find credentials in JOIN-REQ message when providing the user and password to the shut-down-all command.

gfxd shut-down-all -locators=localhost[11111] -user=<user> -password=<password>


When using shut-down-all several parameters are needed besides the user and password. The following example shows parameters for when using built-in authentication:

gfxd shut-down-all -locators=localhost[11111] -auth-provider=BUILTIN -gemfirexd.sql-authorization=TRUE -user=<user> -password=<password> -gemfirexd.user.<username>=<password>



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