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How to contact Pivotal Support after opening a ticket?


This article will explain how to contact Pivotal Support after opening a ticket.


Step 1: Initiate Case

  • Ensure that you have an existing case with Pivotal Support: Submit a Ticket at our Pivotal Portal.
  • Expected response times based on severity:

Target Response Times

Critical (Severity 1)  30 minutes or less: 24x7 
Major (Severity 2) 
 2 business hours

Minor (Severity 3) 
 8 business hours
Cosmetic (Severity 4) 1 business day

Reference: Pivotal Support Offerings.

  • Note: For Severity-1 cases, please allow 30 minutes for a response before escalating your ticket.


Step 2: Escalate Case

  • Update the existing case with an escalation request and the case owner will respond.
  • For immediate attention, call Pivotal Customer Service 24x7 at +1 877.477.2269  and provide the existing Ticket number as well as critical contact information.


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