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healthmon_worker fails with "fe_sendauth: no password supplied"


DCA healthmon_worker demons fails to collect health of the database and when viewing the OS message log /var/log/messages , the below error is thrown indicating the cause of healthmon_worker failure.

Oct 29 19:27:16 mdw healthmon_worker: Can't connect to the database withe error message:.fe_sendauth: no password supplied .
Oct 29 19:27:16 mdw healthmon_worker: DB lock/socket file is present and can't connect to the db


Healthmon_worker ( is run from root user ) connects to the GPDB database using a trust connection and if there is a alteration to the pg_hba.conf where gpadmin needs to login via password , the healthmon_worker would fail and above mentioned error would populate on the message logs.

To check if there is any issue with gpadmin connection used by healthmon_Worker , try the below steps to verify.

-- Connect to the master host as root user ( as healthmon_worker runs from root)

-- Run the below command see if the gpadmin can connect without password.

psql -h mdw -U gpadmin

-- If the password is being requested by the above step , then the connection of gpadmin was altered in pg_hba.conf.


Alter the pg_hba.conf to allow the root user to login to the GPDB via gpadmin user using trust ( i.e with password )


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