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Analyze Fails with "ANALYZE unable to generate accurate statistics on table <table_name>. Try lowering gp_analyze_relative_error"


Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB)


Analyzing the table fails with error "ANALYZE unable to generate accurate statistics on table <table_name>. Try lowering gp_analyze_relative_error".

The complete error message on the master log looks like.

2014-10-13 03:58:38.270710 BDT,"xxxx","xxxxxx",p32555,th1001670560,"","39923",2014-10-13 03:58:32 BDT,3589959,con67674,cmd6,seg-1,,dx349520,x3589959,sx1,"ERROR","XX000","ANALYZE unable to generate accurate statistics on table work.module_model_output_1_prt_369. Try lowering gp_analyze_relative_error (analyze.c:1232)",,,,,,"ANALYZE work.module_model_output",0,,"analyze.c",1232,"Stack trace:
3    0x63a890 postgres analyzeStmt (analyze.c:1232)
4    0x63aa44 postgres analyzeStatement (analyze.c:234)


The actual cause is not yet identified, since this is a very hard to reproduce. As far the issue is considered, this normally occurs when there are concurrent transaction occurring for that objects/relation like during a job/query/load which had multiple tasks possibly simultaneously accessing/modifying the object/relation.


Try analyzing during a quieter time when the relation is free and this should help in eliminating the error.


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