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Understanding the Access Control List Keywords for a Relation.


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Login into psql and executing \z command to obtain information about existing privileges on a relation, provide many keywords about Access privileges on that relation, what are those keywords and how to interpret them.

for eg.s

=> \z mytable

                        Access privileges for database "lusitania"
 Schema |  Name   | Type  |                     Access privileges
 public | mytable | table | {miriam=arwdxt/miriam,=r/miriam,"group todos=arw/miriam"}
(1 row)


The entries shown by \z are interpreted thus:

              =xxxx -- privileges granted to PUBLIC
         uname=xxxx -- privileges granted to a user
   group gname=xxxx -- privileges granted to a group

                  r -- SELECT ("read")
                  w -- UPDATE ("write")
                  a -- INSERT ("append")
                  d -- DELETE
                  x -- REFERENCES
                  t -- TRIGGER
                  X -- EXECUTE
                  U -- USAGE
                  C -- CREATE
                  c -- CONNECT
                  T -- TEMPORARY
             arwdxt -- ALL PRIVILEGES (for tables)
                  * -- grant option for preceding privilege

              /yyyy -- user who granted this privilege

Additional Information

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