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Attempt to Create an External Table by Non-Superuser Leads to "ERROR: permission denied"


Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) all versions


Attempt to create an external table by a non-superuser leads to an error. Here is the error message:

[gpadmin@mdw faisal]$ psql -U a1
Password for user a1:
psql (8.2.15)
Type "help" for help.

flightdata=>  CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE ext_expenses ( name text,
flightdata(>       date date, amount float4, category text, desc1 text )
flightdata->       LOCATION ('gpfdist://etlhost-1:8081/*',
flightdata(>                 'gpfdist://etlhost-1:8082/*')
flightdata->       FORMAT 'TEXT' (DELIMITER '|');
ERROR:  permission denied: no privilege to create a readable gpfdist(s) external table


The users do not have the necessary permission to create the external table.


Assign the CREATEEXTTABLE permission to the user and try to create the external table again.

alter user <user-name> CREATEEXTTABLE; 


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