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How to upload artifacts to a support ticket

This article describes how to upload artifacts to a GemFire or GemFire XD support ticket created in Zendesk or VMStar (SalesForce). If artifacts are under 20MB they can be attached directly to the case in Zendesk. If bigger they will need to be provided using Pivotal SendSafely.

What to upload and how to collect the information

Please see the following two articles on what artifacts to collect and how to collect them: 

How To Collect Basic Information For Gemfire Issues ?

How To Collect Basic Information For GemfireXD Issues ?

How to share the artifacts using SendSafely

To upload collected artifacts use the following link:


Where XXXXX is the Zendesk ticket #. If the artifacts are for a SalesForce/VMStar ticket please request the upload URL from the support engineer that handles your ticket.


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