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How to Verify DNS settings in your Hadoop Cluster


  • PHD 2.x
  • PHD 3.x


In some cases it may not be apparent to end user how java is resolving the hostnames of the hadoop cluster nodes. The HadoopDNSVerifer Executes the same InetAddress functions calls to resolve the canonical hostname and ip address as most of the Hadoop Services. This tool comes in handy especially when configuring kerberos or troubleshooting network related issues

Souce Code


Download JAR File

HadoopDNSVerifier-1.0.jar ( Built with Java 7 )


NOTE: This tool is expected to be run locally on the client in question and can not be used to verify a remote clients DNS configuration settings

  • Verify Local hostname resolution
    java -classpath HadoopDNSVerifier-1.0.jar hadoop.troubleshooting.HadoopDNSVerifier.CheckLocal
    • Example Output
      IP: hostname:hdm4.gphd.local canonicalName:hdm4.gphd.local
  • Verify Remote hostname resolution
    java -classpath HadoopDNSVerifier-1.0.jar hadoop.troubleshooting.HadoopDNSVerifier.CheckRemote hdm3.gphd.local
    • Example Output
       IP: hostname:hdm3.gphd.local canonicalName:hdm3.gphd.local


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