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gpcmdr --setup fails with "Failure in talking to host smdw" error message


  • Pivotal Greenplum (GPDB) 4.3.x, 4.2.x
  • Greenplum Command Center 1.x


The following error message is seen:

Creating instance schema in GPDB. Please wait ...
ERROR: extra data after last expected column (entry db basddwm1:5432 pid=30874)
DETAIL: External table fsmap, line 1 of execute:$GPPERFMONHOME/bin/gpgenfsmap.py 2> /dev/null || true: "20140829:15:16:26:030879 gpgenfsmap.py:default-[ERROR]:-Failure in talking to host smdw"


The issue is caused by the master having multiple file-spaces. Some file-spaces may be missing on the standby master and this can cause the "gpcmdr --setup" to fail.


Manually create all the missing file-space directories on smdw, then run the gpcmdr --setup again.

Check the file-spaces used by the master and standby master: 

gpadmin=# select * from gp_segment_configuration where content=-1;
dbid | content | role | preferred_role | mode | status | port | hostname | address | replication_port | san_mounts
1 |-1 | p| p| s| u| 5156 | mdw|  mdw
4 |-1 | m| m| s| u| 5156 | smdw smdw
(2 rows) gpadmin=# select * from pg_filespace_entry where fsedbid in (1,4); fsefsoid | fsedbid |fselocation ----------+---------+------------------------------- 3052 | 1 | /data/sigma_prod/sigma_prod-1 23584 | 1 | /data/test/sigma_prod-1 3052 | 4 | /data/sigma_prod/sigma_prod-1 23584 | 4 | /data/test/sigma_prod-1 (4 rows)  

For the standby master, (in this case, dbid=4) check whether the file spaces exist on server "smdw". If not, you have to create them manually and then test gpcmdr again: 

mkdir /data/test
mkdir /data/test/sigma_prod-1

Note: The standby master may not be in sync with the master. Please use the "gpinitstandby" command to reinitialize the standby master if you see the above behavior.


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