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PivotalVRP Widget installation & user guide

The PivotalVRP widget (Win OS only) laws users to have a summarized view (either full time or based on events) of resource consumption on their GPDB environment without the hassle of opening a browser.

It is part of the PivotalVRP installer pack.

After PivotalVRP has been installed, you will notice several new items on the PivotalVRP server Desktop.

One of the items is the "Widget Setup V..." (see below)


You can use the installer to install the widget on your desktop, just copy it to your compute and double click it.

The installation is simple and straightforward , during the installation you will be guided  through several windows (see below).

Click "next" to continue.

Choose the installation path.

Enter the IP address of the PivotalVRP server (Public IP) and make sure all prerequisite ports are open (9090, 9191 & 9898).

Once the verification succeed, the installer will end.

On your Desktop you should see the Widget shortcut icon, and 3 widgets.


You can modify the Widget settings and/or select which widget to display by right clicking the widget icon on the menu bar.


You can also modify individual widget settings by clicking the setting icon above the widget.



By selecting thresholds for Widget display, you can in create a live alert system.



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