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Upgrading Pivotal Cloud Foundry® to version 1.4 with the Pivotal HD tile deployed results in an error message


Product Version
Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) 1.3.x with the Pivotal HD (HAWQ) 1.3.x Tile installed


When trying to upgrade Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.3.x to Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.4.x, you get an error message "Stemcell version must be 2690.3 or greater". You have the Pivotal HD Tile installed.


The root cause is that the current version of the Pivotal HD tile uses an older stemcell which is not compatible with PCF 1.4 and later. Further details on this incompatibility can be found in this related KB Article.


To resolve this, the Pivotal HD tile needs to be removed from the Ops Manager prior to exporting your configuration.  The following steps can walk you through this process:

  1. In Ops Manager 1.3.x, uninstall the Pivotal HD tile.  Prior to doing this, we recommend deleting any services used by your applications that are using the Pivotal HD tile.  If you do not, there will be orphaned service instances and bindings which will need to be cleaned up with the "cf purge-service-offering" command.  Please see the Impact/Risk section below for how this will affect the data stored in the service.
  2. Export the installation, just like you would normally do.
  3. Import the installation, again just like you would normally do.

When the installation imports, it should no longer have the Pivotal HD tile and you should be able to apply changes without any errors.  

If you're still seeing this error, please see this KB Article which describes how to check if there are other tiles that might have the same problem.

If you have applications that require Pivotal HD, the current recommendation is to run an externally managed PHD installation.  You can then set up a user provided service with the "cf cups" command and bind that to your applications.


Important: Please be aware that deleting the Pivotal HD tile from Ops Manager will result in the deletion of all services provisioned by that tile and any data associated with those services.  Before you delete, make sure that you have backed up or migrated any data that you need to retain.

Additional Information

While the Pivotal HD tile for PCF has not been updated for PCF 1.4, Pivotal does have plans to update and reintroduce the tile into a later version of PCF.  Until that happens, we suggest using a user-provided service to connect your apps with an external Pivotal HD installation.


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