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External Hdfs service is not running (PHD + Isilon)


  • PHD 2.X
  • Isilon


The following error message is seen when running icm_client start -l cluster-name

“[ERROR] Failed to start the cluster. Reason: Server error: External Hdfs service is not running“

However, Isilon HDFS is actually running.


Here is the logic for icm_client to check if HDFS is up when isilon is enabled:

  1. SSH into Resource Manager host
  2. Run command "sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -ls hdfs://isi-smartconnect-hostname/"
  3. if fs list fails then return status DOWN


  1. Log into PCC node
  2. SSH into RM host
    1. If it prompts for a password, then you need to exchange the SSH keys again to allow passwordless SSH into RM host
    2. If hdfs fs command fails, investigate further the returned error


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