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Query Timeout doesn't occur after specified time elapsed

Applies to:

GemFire XD 1.4.1



The query never times out by specifying timeout value to  'gemfirexd.query-timeout' property for a server through gfxd utility. The server starts up well but query time out doesn't come to effect.

Ex: gfxd server start -locators=localhost[10334] -bind-address=localhost -client-port=1528 -dir=server1 -J-Dgemfirexd.query-timeout=30



The timeout property name should be used without the prefix of 'gemfirexd' in case of gfxd utility i.e. -J-Dquery-timeout=30

Below exception will be thrown to client when a query timeout occur at server.


java.sql.SQLException: SQLSTATE=XCL52,SEVERITY=-1: (Server=localhost[1528],Thread[DRDAConnThread21,5,gemfirexd.daemons]) The statement has been been cancelled due to query time out. :
at com.pivotal.gemfirexd.internal.client.am.SQLExceptionFactory40.getSQLException(SQLExceptionFactory40.java:103)
at com.pivotal.gemfirexd.internal.client.am.SqlException.getSQLException(SqlException.java:401)
at com.pivotal.gemfirexd.internal.client.am.Statement.executeQuery(Statement.java:537)
at GfxdQueryTimeout.main(GfxdQueryTimeout.java:31)


Alternatively, this property can be added in a properties file. Note that this case it should be used with prefix of 'gemfirexd'. i.e. gemfirexd.query-timeout=30



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