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500 An error occurred: Contact Pivotal Technical Support or log on to Ops Manager


Product Version
Pivotal Cloud Foundry® 1.3.x, 1.4.x


When logging on to Pivotal Cloud Foundry Ops Manager, the dashboard is not displayed correctly; instead, it throws errors as following:

500 An error occurred. 
Contact Pivotal Technical Support to report the problem.
Back to dashboard

Check debug logs at https://<Ops Manager>/debug/rails_log, find error logs:

ArgumentError (salt must not be nil):
lib/encryptor.rb:38:in `decrypt'
lib/file_objects/encrypted_file.rb:20:in `read'
lib/file_objects/yaml_file.rb:31:in `read'
app/models/tempest/workspace.rb:230:in `installation_hash'
app/models/tempest/workspace.rb:111:in `desired_installation'
app/controllers/main_controller.rb:7:in `show'
app/controllers/concerns/haltable_controller.rb:7:in `block in haltable_filter'
app/controllers/concerns/haltable_controller.rb:7:in `catch'
app/controllers/concerns/haltable_controller.rb:7:in `haltable_filter'
lib/rack/streaming.rb:57:in `call'


When updating Pivotal Cloud Foundry configuration via Ops Manager, updates are possibly not correctly written into installation.yml, which causes file corruption. Next time when accessing Ops Manager, it fails to read out configuration from installation.yml.


This issue is be fixed in Ops Manager v1.5. Until v1.5 is released, we suggest restoring the corrupted installation.yml file with the following steps.

  1. SSH into Ops Manager VM, see details here.
  2. cd /var/tempest/workspaces/default
  3. sudo cp installation.yml installation_backup.yml (this is to backup installation.yml) 
  4. sudo cp actual-installation.yml installation.yml (restore installation.yml from currently installed status, actual-installation.yml file is changed to installed-installation.yml in newer versions)
  5. Refresh the Ops Manager page and it should be back.


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