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Connecting to a new DB (GPDB/HAWQ)

If for some reason you need to reconnect your PivotalVRP Server to a new DB server (update/upgrade/replacement), there are several steps that need to be followed.

1. Network connection - make sure the PivotalVRP server is connected to the interconnect private network on the correct port.

2. Agents - verify that you have agents installed at the correct location and that the agents are up and running.  Follow the Agent Installation guide for further instructions.

3. Permissions - the pg_hba.conf file on every segment needs to be configured to include the IP of the PivotalVRP server as per the prerequisite document

4. Configuring the hosts file - update the hosts file on the PivotalVRP server with the correct segment servers IP's.  The file is located at:


This step is necessary in order for the PivotalVRP server to ping the hostnames that appear in the "select * from gp_segment_configuraton" list.

5. Connecting PivotalVRP to the DB - log into the PivotalVRP server, and select the settings tab.

In the general settings, click "Add", the following window will open:

Fill out the information as follows:

Connection Name: Enter whatever you wish to call the master view.

Host Name / IP : x.x.x.x - x.x.x.x is the IP of the master node (it can be the PUBLIC IP) / When adding single segments, the IP of the segment host.

Port : When using the auto connect the master port (default is 5432)/ When adding single segments, the port of the segment.

Username/Password - as defined

Connection Type : Select Automatic enumeration for connection to the full environment / Single Segment if you wish to connect to a single segment.

Test Connection : Verifies that the setting are correct and that PivotalVRP can communicate with the segments

** in order to add the segments to the list the connection needs to be verified before you can click OK.

Once you click OK, the segments will start appearing in the connection window.

Note: the connection process can take some time (dependent on the environment size).

Once all is connected, click save settings.


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