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Unable to get result in Native Client by query with specified condition and ReflectionBasedAutoSerializer

Applies to

GemFire Native Client 7.x and 8.X


When using the PDX reflection-based auto-serializer registered in a Native Client, queries filtered on specific field value fail to return matching entries. For instance, using a simple C# class as the object inserted into region /Region:

  class TestPDXobject
      public string name { get; set; }
      public string id { get; set; }
      public TestPDXobject() { }

which is then registered with the PDX reflection-based autoserializer:

  Serializable.RegisterPdxSerializer(new ReflectionBasedAutoSerializer());

queries like:

  SELECT DISTINCT id FROM /Region where id='12345'

will always return an empty result regardless of whether a matching entry exists.


Customize serialization as illustrated in the example code given in the User's Guide.


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