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Error "Stemcell criteria : Stemcell version must be 2690.3 or greater" when import Pivotal Cloud Foundry® v1.3.x installation settings to Pivotal Cloud Foundry® v1.4.x.


  • Pivotal CloudFoundry® (PCF) 1.3.x
  • Pivotal <Service Name> for PCF v1.2.x, 1.3.x


When upgrading from Ops Manager v1.3.x to v1.4.x, importing the archived PCF v1.3.x installation settings to Ops Manager v1.4.x may fail with error:

Stemcell criteria : Stemcell version must be 2690.3 or greater


Ops Manager 1.4.x does not support stemcells older than version 2690.3 that lack the Go agent, stemcells that have the Ruby agent must be updated in previous versions of Ops Manager before export. The reason for this is because we changed the DNS settings on each VM and the Ruby agent will malfunction with any network change, while Go based agent fixed this.


The first step is to figure out which tile installed in Ops Manager v1.3.x is using stemcell older than 2690.3. Access Ops Manager 1.3.x console at https://<ops manager>/debug/component_types, where we can check stemcell version for each installed tile, the format looks like below:


If find any tiles with stemcell version less than 2690.3, please download newer version for the tile from Pivotal Network, import it to Ops Manager and then apply tile upgrade. While all tiles with unsupported stemcells has been upgraded, you can now move forward to export the install and import it to Ops Manager v1.4.x.

Please be aware of that not all tiles are supported by Ops Manager v1.4.x at this point. For example Pivotal HD for PCF, click "i" icon, it shows "Pivotal CF Operations Manager v1.3.4.0 only". You have to remove the tile before export installation settings.



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