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Checking for errors and detecting packet loss on Brocade 8000 Switch


Here are some basic commands for checking the health and status of the brocade 8000 network switches in DCA version 1

Commands Available in FOS mode

switchportshow High level port information displayed
portshow show port stats and errors
porterrshow Show detailed error counters
portstatsshow Show detailed port statistics
portstats64show show detailed 64 bit counters
errdump show event logs
firmwareshow current switch firmware version
switchstatusshow High level switch information displayed
sensorshow Show hardware sensors

Commands available in CEE mode

NOTE: Use command "cmsh" to enter CEE mode

i-sw-1:admin> cmsh
clear counters all reset all switch counters
show ip interface brief Print interface link status
show running-config dumo in memory running config
copy running-config startup-config save the in memory running config to the switches startup-config file
show logging dump switch event logs
supportsave -u root -p changeme -h -d /tmp/i-sw-2 -l scp copy support save output to /tmp/i-sw-2 directory on mdw
show interface tengigabitethernet 0/x show interface settings and stats

How to find port errors and check for packet loss

Below example shows over 31 million packets dropped on port 0/4

show qos rcv-queue interface all
Interface TenGigabitEthernet 0/4
  In-use 1078902 bytes, Total buffer 1081344 bytes
  31977776 packets dropped

How to enable Flow control

One may need to enable flow control in cases where the aggregation switch becomes oversubscribed

ssh admin@i-sw-1
i-sw-1# conf term
i-sw-1(config)# interface tengigabitethernet 0/20
i-sw-1(conf-if-te-0/20)# qos flowcontrol tx on rx on
i-sw-1(conf-if-te-0/20)# exit
i-sw-1(config)# interface tengigabitethernet 0/21
i-sw-1(conf-if-te-0/21)# qos flowcontrol tx on rx on
i-sw-1(conf-if-te-0/21)# exit
... repeat for rest of the ports


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