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FAQ regarding Upgrading from GPHD 1.2 to PHD 2.x or PHD 3.x


  • GPHD 1.2


This article covers the freqently asked questions regarding how to upgrade from GPHD 1.2 to PHD 2.x/3.x

Support Status for GPHD

Please review this document regarding the current support of GPHD 1.2


  • Q: How do i upgrade from GPHD 1.2 to PHD and where can i find the procedure?
    • ANS: The current method for upgrade from GPHD 1.2 is to uninstall the existing GPHD 1.2 using the icm_client and performing a fresh install of PHD 2.x or 3.x software
  • Q: What are the benifits of installing to PHD
    • ANS: PHD provides support for upgrades between releases, Apache Hadoop Stack 2.x, and Fully functional Pivotal HDB with the new advanced query architecture
  • Q: Why can't i upgrade directly form GPHD 1.2 to PHD 2.x?
    • ANS: PHD and GPHD both use Pivotal Command Center to manage and deploy hadoop cluster services. But there are major architecture differences between Pivotal Command Center in GPHD 1.2 and PHD 2.x which prevents the possibility of upgrading.

      In addition it is very difficult even in the Apache community to perfrom a Upgrade from Apache Hadoop 1.x to Apache Hadoop 2.x without performing a fresh install. GPHD 1.2 is based off of Apache Hadoop 1.x and PHD (1.x/2.x/3.x) is based off of Apache Hadoop 2.x


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