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How to Deploy PHD 2.x with isilon using icm_client


  • Isilon OneFS 7.2
  • PHD 2.1


Here we will dicuss how to deploy PHD 2.1 with isilon OneFS 7.2. There are a few caveats we need to discuss as well as the proper installation procedure

Install Procedure

  1. Fetch the cluster config template using icm
    icm_client fetch-configuration -o /tmp/MyIsilonClusterConfig
  2. Open "/tmp/MyIsilonClusterConfig/clusterconfig.xml" and remove the hdfs from the service tag
  3. Comment out hdfs under "hostRoleMapping" tag
  4. Add isi-hdfs to the "service" tag
  5. Add the isi-hdfs configuration tags


Here are a list of knwon or commont issues


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