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Non-Recoverable Disk error codes

To understand what are Non-Recoverable errors and action plan for the same.

The customer experiences performance problems and Data Unavailability with a drive that is in an unknown state.


All 0x4 sense key errors indicate that the disk drive detected an unrecoverable hardware failure while performing the command or during a self-test. It experienced an abnormal rotation of the motor spindle.

Error Codes:
KCQ(4:01:0) # Hardware Error - no index or sector
KCQ(4:02:0) # Hardware Error - no seek complete
KCQ(4:03:0) # Hardware Error - write fault
KCQ(4:09:0) # Hardware Error - track following error
KCQ(4:11:0) # Hardware Error - unrecovered read error in reserved area
KCQ(4:15:1) # Hardware Error - Mechanical positioning error
KCQ(4:16:0) # Hardware Error - Data Sync Mark error in reserved area
KCQ(4:19:0) # Hardware Error - defect list error
KCQ(4:19:2) # Hardware Error - defect list error in Primary List
KCQ(4:19:3) # Hardware Error - defect list error in Grown List
KCQ(4:31:0) # Hardware Error - reassign failed
KCQ(4:32:0) # Hardware Error - no defect spare available
KCQ(4:35:1) # Hardware Error - unsupported enclosure function
KCQ(4:35:2) # Hardware Error - enclosure services unavailable
KCQ(4:35:3) # Hardware Error - enclosure services transfer failure
KCQ(4:35:4) # Hardware Error - enclosure services refused
KCQ(4:35:5) # Hardware Error - enclosure services checksum error
KCQ(4:3E:3) # Hardware Error - self-test failed
KCQ(4:3E:4) # Hardware Error - unable to update self-test
KCQ(4:44:0) # Hardware Error - internal target failure

Replace the drive on the first occurrence.

KCQ(3:11:0) # EMC recommendation is to replace a disk which has logged > 100 Media Errors. To be a pro-actively replacement regardless of the disk being "Online".
If in case you come across any new Hardware Error, do update the article with the corresponding action plan.


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