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DCA system log reports Unexpected sense on Encl PD 20


  • DCA V1


Observed from /var/log/messages

May  6 19:30:29 sdw39 Server Administrator: Storage Service EventID: 2334  Controller event log: Unexpected sense: Encl PD 20 Path 5882b0b0358c5300, CDB: 1c 01 00 00 20 00, Sense: 6/29/00:  Controller 0 (PERC H700 Integrated)

In the controller logs we might see

 01/23/12 13:18:27: EVT#07613-01/23/12 13:18:27: 113=Unexpected sense: Encl PD 20 Path 5882b0b0358c5300, CDB: 12 01 80 00 3a 00, Sense: 5/24/00


"Encl PD 20" refers to the Raid Controller backplane. SCISI sense code "6/29/00" defination can be found here. Basically the error messages suggests there was some hardware event on the raid controller that caused it to reset. This usually means there is some hardware level communication problem with the card itself or with the cards connection to the backplane.


If these symptoms are found on the server node and you suspect they are causing an impact then please contact support and provide the following details. After review of the logs support may choose to have the hardware replaced

  • Collect Riad controller logs from the impacted server. When running this command a log file will be created under /var/log/lsi_<DDMM>.log
    omconfig storage controller action=exportlog controller=0

Internal Support reference DCA-10580


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