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Ambari: Hive service check always fails if default warehouse dir is changed


  • PHD 3.0
  • Ambari 1.7.1
  • Default Hive Warehouse dir has been changed


Trying to run Hive service check in Ambari always fails because it tries to check the default warehouse directory. The following image shows how to trigger the error if you have changed the default warehouse directory.

Further impacts

  • Operation "Move Secondary NameNode" will never finish the wizard, since the last step of the wizard is a full services restart and service check


Default hive warehouse dir is hard-coded in the script. Check AMBARI-11068.


The issue is fixed in Ambari 2.1. The fix is easy to port into PHD 3.0.

- output_file = format("/apps/hive/warehouse/hcatsmoke{unique}")
+ output_file = format("{hive_apps_whs_dir}/hcatsmoke{unique}")


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