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PivotalVRP agent installation guide

Follow this guide to install the PivotalVRP agent on the DB environment.


Installing the Agent Unix/Linux Installation

  1. This part of the installation process is usually done by a system administrator.

  2. The agent has to be installed on every single node/segment server.

    The agent installer file is located after the installation on the PivotalVRP desktop in a folder called "Agent".

    Note: The agent installation file is called morevrpd

  3. Using an FTP editor, copy the morevrpd file to your remote database server (Unix/Linux) as user root and place it under /bin/morevrpd. If this directory does not exist, then you should create it.

    Here is an example of how to do that :


ftp> open to hpux FTP server (Revision 1.1 Version wuftpd-2.6.1(PHNE_34306) Mon Mar 13 11:14:17 GMT 2006) ready.User (192.168. 10.111:(none)): root331 Password required for root.Password:XXX230 User root logged in. ftp> cd /tmp250 CWD command successful.ftp> lcd c:\tempLocal directory now C:\temp.ftp> bin200 Type set to I.ftp> put morevrpd200 PORT command successful.150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for morevrpd.226 Transfer complete.ftp: 122562 bytes sent in 3 .57Seconds 34.37Kbytes/sec.ftp> close

Once you copy the file to /tmp (as described in the example), you can move it to the destination Directory by :

mkdir /bin/morevrpd > creating the directory
mv /tmp/morevrpd /bin/morevrpd/ > moving the agent file into it.

Note: Make sure you copy the files while you are in "bin" mode for binary files compatibility.

  1. Make sure the file permissions are OK.

  2. If not, then change them with the following commands :

# ls -l /bin/morevrpd -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 112331 Jan 10 14:02 morevrpd
chown root:root morevrpdchmod 755 morevrpd

     6.  To start the daemon manually:

# cd /bin/morevrpd # ./morevrpd start

     7.   The following output is OK :

Starting morevrpd

     8.   To verify that the agent is up and running:

ps -ef | grep morevrpd
root 22809 1 1 16:03 ? 00:00:00 ./morevrpd start
root 22812 1 0 16:03 ? 00:00:00 ./morevrpd start
root 22816 1 0 16:03 ? 00:00:00 ./morevrpd start


If you want the daemon to start automatically in your OS – put into the automatic startup script of your server. (Ask your sysadmin to do that)

If you wish to shut the daemon down, type:

./morevrpd stop



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