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Online disk store compaction doesn't seem to work

Applies To

GemFire 7 - 8.2


The javadocs for online disk store compaction-threshold imply that GemFire compact as soon as the amount of garbage is equal or greater than the threshold.
From DiskStoreFactory.setCompactionThreshold:

When the amount of garbage in an oplog exceeds this percentage then when a compaction
* is done this garbage will be cleaned up freeing up disk space. Garbage is created by
* entry destroys, entry updates, and region destroys.

However GemFire actually trigger compaction when the amount of non-garbage data is equal or less than the threshold instead so online disk store compaction appears not to be working


If you set a threshold of 20% then GemFire doesn't trigger compaction until the *live* data is less than 20%. If you need a threshold of 20% you should be setting the threshold to 80% instead. This is fixed in version 9.0 of GemFire


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