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DCA V2 Firmware Update Tool - BMC error - Unable to Connect

Environment: Greenplum DCA V2 : Firmware Update Tool failure on DCA V2 hardware


Symptom: On DCA V2 systems configured with different BMC password other than default
password, Firmware Update Tool (FwTool) fails to upgrade BMC firmware.

On DCA V2 systems, Firmware Update Tool (FwTool) fails with the error message

“ERROR: BMC is not responding, unable to continue”. FwTool always connect to BMC
using the default BMC password “sephiroth”. If BMC password is set to any
password other than default password, the above issue can occur.
Environment: All versions of DCA v2 systems are affected.
FwTool version : 2A01


Cause: Default root password for BMC was changed. Hence FWTool is not able to connect to
BMC using the default password “sephiroth “and exits with connection error.


Workaround: Firmware Update Tool needs to be updated with the correct BMC password. The
Firmware Update Tool is delivered in “dca_firmware_update_driver.py”.
Procedure to change the default BMC root password:
1. Open the file dca_firmware_update_driver.py
2. Update the BMC password by replacing the default password “sephiroth” in
below line of code at function check_BMC().
ret = subprocess.call("ipmitool -H %s-sp -U root -P sephiroth bmc info"
%(server), shell=True, stdout=open('/dev/null', 'w'),
3. Save the file and try to run tool again


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