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gpssh Fails with Error "unable to login to host when ssh keys have already been exchanged"


  • Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB)
  • HAWQ Database


gpssh fails on the same host in the host list every time but passwordless ssh works when using "ssh" manually. This issue may impact gpssh, gpscp, gpssh-exkeys utilities

[gpadmin@mdw ~]$ gpssh -f hostfile -vvv uname -n
[ERROR] unable to login to sdw8
hint: use gpssh-exkeys to setup public-key authentication between hosts

In som,e cases you might see odd behavior where command outputs do not return the expected results

=> echo 123
[hdw2.phd.local] 123
=> echo 456
[hdw3.phd.local] 123
[hdw2.phd.local] 456


gpssh uses pxexpect version 2.1. In software only deployments of HAWQ/GPDB pexpect is not able to properly buffer information from the pseudo tty interface used by SSH


This issue is being tracked in an internal bug reference MPP-25682. GPDB upgrades prior to version 3.3 in and this will also be fixed in the next release of HAWQ.


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