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How to configure Hue for LDAP Authentication between Beeswax and Hive


  • PHD 3.0.1 onwards


With release prior to PHD 3.0.1 error "Bad status: 3 (Error validating the login)" will show up when try to Beeswax Hive UI in Hue.

As mentioned in Pivotal HD 3.0.1 release note one bug is fixed in Hue component which is to support LDAP authentication via Hue to Hiveserver2. 


Prior to PHD 3.0.1 it's not able to configure Hue for LDAP Authentication between Beeswax and Hive.


The Hadoop cluster must be on PHD 3.0.1 at least. If not, upgrade Hadoop cluster to this release first.

In the [desktop] section of the hue.ini (generally in /etc/hue/conf on Hue server), set parameter ldap_username and  ldap_password with the LDAP credentials which is used to communicate with Hive, as shown in example below.

    # LDAP username and password of the hue user used for LDAP authentications.
    # Set it to use LDAP Authentication with HiveServer2 and Impala.
    ldap_password=changeme ......


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