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Resolve "gpadmin-[WARNING]:-inconsistent hostname"


Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) 4.2.x


The following error occurred when starting and ending Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) after hostnames have been updated on segment or master servers.

Error Message:

20151027:12:23:23:142485 gpstart:sdw1:gpadmin-[WARNING]:-inconsistent hostname 'sdw1.gpdb.local' for interface 'sdw1-1' and expected hostname 'sdw1'


The hostnames in gp_segment_configuration are compared to the values inside "/home/gpadmin/.gphostcache" when database is started or stopped. These values are populated during the initial start of the database. If the hostnames in "/home/gpadmin/.gphostcache" do not match gp_segment_configuration then the warning will be displayed.


The hostname configured in the Pivotal Greenplum instance has been changed to display the warning. Please verify this is correct before continuing with the resolution.

The "/home/gpadmin/.gphostcache" file will be recreated during gpstart if it does not exist. Resolve this issue following the steps below. 

  • Backup ".gphostcache"
cp /home/gpadmin/.gphostcache /home/gpadmin/.gphostcache_old
  • Remove ".gphostcache"
rm /home/gpadmin/.gphostcache ("Confirmation needed")
  • Recreate ".gphostcache" by restarting GPDB.
gpstop -af
gpstart -a



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