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Troubleshooting Native Client (NC) crash dump files with DebugDiag


GemFire Native Client 3.x and later on Windows


Describe how to install, configure and use DebugDiag to troubleshoot crash dump files generated by the Native Client.


Native Client may crash because of some critical issue and create a crash dump. It’s helpful to see what was happening with extracting stack traces

The two most common used tools for doing diagnostics on Windows I DebugDiag and WinDbg. To extract stack trace, WinDbg could be helpful. However, it’s slightly difficult to use and understand it. DebugDiag is easy to use for the purpose of extracting stack traces. Moreover, it provides some automatic analysis feature.

  • Install and configure DebugDiag
  • Download the tool from Microsoft
  • Install DebugDiag on your machine and run it. Recommended to install on Windows 7 or later
  • Run DebugDiag

Click “Setting” icon to configure DebugDiag:

  1. Click the Add path icon to specify the location of the GemFire Native Client binary.
  2. Specify the path for /path/to/Native Client/bin. Please note that you have to specify the same version of GemFire Native Client, with which the the crash dump was generated.
  3. Click the arrow icon at the upper left corner to return to the first screen.
  4. Run automatic analysis with DebugDiag
  5. Check CrashHangAnalysis.
  6. Check Memory Pressure Analysis optionally if you have suffered from a crash issue showing as a OutOfMemory errors.
  7. Add path to the dump file to analyze.
  8. At last, press Start Analysis and wait for a moment. It will take several minutes depending on file size to finish the analysis.

After finishing the analysis, DebugDiag automatically opens the resulting report in the Web browser.

Manual troubleshooting

If the automatic analysis is not useful, you can detect the problematic thread’s ID from the GemFire NC log. Then, take a look at the thread stack of the report according to the thread ID:

[error 2014/06/21 06:36:40.920717 1234325 DFOA31069J:3492 3608] Debug event STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION occurred at 05925FDC in process with pid 3492

According to the NC log, the client crashed with Access Violation. The problematic thread’s ID is 3608.  Use this thread ID to find the troublesome thread in the DebugDiag report.


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