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How to deploy Hue on HDFS with Namenode HA


  • PHD 3.x


In order to make File Browser of Hue be able to access HDFS with Namenode HA, Hadoop HttpFS component needs to be installed on the Hue server. 

As of PHD- there are still several places in Hadoop-HttpFS package where default installation directory of Hortonworks Hadoop release called "hdp" are referred. Therefore more changes are required for some files used by Hadoop HttpFS after it's installed.

Deployment steps

1. Install Hadoop HttpFS on Hue server 

[root@admin ~]# yum install hadoop-httpfs

2. Create a link for hadoop-httpfs service 

[root@admin ~]# ln -s /usr/phd/ /etc/init.d/hadoop-httpfs
[root@admin ~]# ls -l /etc/init.d/hadoop-httpfs
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 48 Oct 9 01:45 /etc/init.d/hadoop-httpfs -> /usr/phd/

3. Make changes to file /usr/phd/

- search word "hdp" and replace it with "phd"

export HADOOP_HOME="/usr/phd/current/hadoop-$SERVICE_NAME/../hadoop-httpfs"
ln -s /usr/phd/current/hadoop-httpfs/webapps ${DEPLOYMENT_TARGET}/

- add 2 "export CATALINA_" lines to function stop()

stop() {
log_success_msg "Stopping ${DESC}: " export CATALINA_BASE=${CATALINA_BASE:-"/var/lib/hadoop-httpfs/tomcat-deployment"}
export CATALINA_PID="$PIDFILE" # FIXME: workaround for BIGTOP-537

4. comment out following line in file /usr/phd/

export CATALINA_BASE=/etc/hadoop-httpfs/tomcat-deployment 

5. Create link for httpfs-config.sh

[root@admin]# mkdir /usr/phd/current/hadoop-httpfs/libexec
[root@admin]# ln -s /usr/phd/current/hadoop-client/libexec/httpfs-config.sh /usr/phd/current/hadoop-httpfs/libexec/httpfs-config.sh

6. Modify /etc/hadoop-httpfs/conf/httpfs-site.xml on Hue server to configure HttpFS to talk to the cluster

</property> <property>

7. Modify core-site.xml on Ambari web UI by add the following properties. Note that restart of HDFS is needed for changes to take effect

</property> <property>

8. On Hue server modify subsection [hadoop][[hdfs_clusters]][[[default]]] in /etc/hue/conf/hue.ini 


the fs.defaultFS property in core-site.xml


 URL to HttpFS server



9. Start hadoop-httpfs service

[root@admin conf]#  service hadoop-httpfs start

10. Restart hue service

[root@admin conf]#  service hue restart


Internal JIRA HD-12084


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