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How to Test Data Domain ddboost Backup Speed (ddpconnchk tool)


  • Pivotal Greenplum 4.3.x
  • Operating System- Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x


This article shows how to use ddpconnchk tool to test the ddboost backup speed from Greenplum to the Data Domain. The ddpconnchk script can not be running in parallel and can only test the connectivity and backup speed for each segment server sequentially. Once you have the result for each segment server you can compare it in order to find any differences in the transfer speed to help identify any issues with the server interface. 

Note: Please use it when you experience the slow backups. 


  1. Download the ddpconnchk script from the attachment
  2. Unzip downloaded file and chose the proper package for your Linux environment (for example Tools_5.3.0.0-348730_Tools_linux_64.gz for a DCA)
  3. Upload the proper gz file to the master segment mdw:/tmp
  4. Unpack the package
    [gpadmin@mdw /]$ cd /tmp
    [gpadmin@mdw tmp]$ tar -zxvf Tools_5.3.0.0-348730_Tools_linux_64.gz
  5. Use the following script to send a file to all segments and execute it (it will take a while to finish):

    gpssh -f /home/gpadmin/hostfile "scp -rp mdw:/tmp/ddpconnchk /tmp/";
    l=$(printf '%30s\n' | tr ' ' -); while read HOST ; do echo "$l[ $HOST ]$l"; ssh $HOST "/tmp/ddpconnchk -s  $DDIP -u $DDUSER -p $DDPASS -l  GPDB -T writeimage -i 1g  -n $STREAMS" < /dev/null; done < /home/gpadmin/hostfile;

Additional Information 

ddpconnchk tool is not designed to run on all segment servers at the same time. To verify the network saturation issue, please create NFS export on Data Domain and use scp to create a stream for every segment server.



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    alex jiang

    Add one more explaination to this , regarding the ddp connection check tool's parameter explaination:

    #<ddpconnchkfilename> -s <ddr_name> -u <ddboost_user> -p <ddboost_user_password> -l <storage-unit> -v

    In the script, it defaults the storage-unit to be GPDB, if the customer used another storage unit, we need to change -l to a different name.

    Edited by alex jiang
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