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Queries Running on Pivotal Greenplum Versions below Fail with "insufficient memory reserved for statement"


  • Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) and below
  • Operating System- All supported


In recent versions of Pivotal Greenplum (lower than many queries that used to be running successfully previously are now failing and require more memory to run successfully.

Specifically, these queries are failing with the error:

"insufficient memory reserved for statement"


There were two bugs identified in the earlier 4.3 GPDB releases.

  1. There was a rounding error when allocating memory to child groups of a plan when using the eager_free memory policy. This has been fixed in
  2. We would fail to account for some of the memory that has already been allocated in a plan, resulting in over-allocating memory when using eager_free. This has been fixed in

In this case of shortcomings with memory, accounting has been addressed and the full cost for the query is now being enforced.


Upgrade to a recent software release (higher than

Internal Comments 

See MPP-23130 and MPP-23155


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