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Greenplum Magic Tool (GPMT)


  • Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) 4.3.x
  • Operating System- Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.x
  • Greenplum Magic Tool (GPMT) 1.2.0


As the Pivotal Greenplum code base changes, our customers run various versions of Pivotal Products, and there is a gap between our latest diagnostic tools and the customer install base.

This tool helps to fill those gaps and include a little extra help to make supporting Pivotal products easier.


GPMT ( Greenplum Magic Tool ) Provides:

  • A rich set of diagnostic utilities which can be used to quickly troubleshoot and resolve common supportability issues.
  • A consistent method for gathering required support information from our customer systems. 

By making information gathering simple and painless, we can ensure the required diagnostics to complete a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) are available and thus improve the product lifecycle and the customer support experience.

How to run GPMT

  1. Download the latest build of GPMT from the attachments section below.
  2. Copy gpmt.gz to /home/gpadmin
  3. gunzip /home/gpadmin/gpmt.gz
  4. chmod +x gpmt
  5. Then execute it to see help /home/gpadmin/gpmt -h

In case of any issue running GPMT please provide the recent GPMT log file (with verbose logging)  /tmp/gp-magic-tool.<timestamp>.log  to Pivotal support.

Tools Included

Greenplum Database

  • gp_log_collector: The tool for easy log collection from master/segment instances.
  • analyze_session: Automate data collection for hung Greenplum sessions.
  • Packcore: The tool for packaging core file with the required libraries and binary to make sure core files can be opened properly for analysis.
  • Catalogbackup: This is for Pivotal support only to back up the catalog for RCA, and the link is not accessible to Customers.
  • GPMT gpcheckcat: This is for Pivotal support only to analyze catalog issues, and the links below are not accessible to Customers.
  • Gpstatscheck: Verify table statistics are up to date for any given query.

Version History

 Version  Date  Upgrade or Modification details
 GPMT  1.0.0  Feb 29, 2016   First Version created
 GPMT  1.0.1  May 5, 2016   Added pgclass_extra feature to gpcheckat tool
 GPMT  1.0.2  June 6, 2016
  • Added gpcheckat features -depfix and -depshow
  • Added analyze_session tool
  • Minor bug fixes to gp_log_collector
    • Report errors when segment disk space threshold is reached
    • Calling GPMT from relative path ./gpmt and using -dir flag results in replication error
  • Packcore will now prompt warning to the user if $GPHOME is not net
 GPMT  1.0.3  July 5, 2016
  • New Tool: Greenplum Catalog Backup
  • gp_log_collector bugfix: Now cleanup created files should there be a failure during collection
 GPMT  1.0.4

 July 8, 2016

  Fix bug in gpcheckcat depshow and depfix tools where it requires SSL enabled in Greenplum
 GPMT  1.0.5

 Aug 5, 2016

  • gp_log_collector
    • "-skipmaster" option added for when master logs are not required in the collection
    • uses GUC "log_filename" to support log file formats other than the default
  • Minor bug fixes in log collector analyze session and depfix
  • Enhanced depshow to be more user-friendly
  • Fix replicate bug when SSH banners are enabled
  • Supports install location of $GPHOME/bin
  • depfix now supports duplicate entries for the pg_shdepend table
 GPMT  1.0.6

Sept 23, 2016

  • gpstatscheck - New tool to verify table statistics are up to date for any given query
  • Fixes an issue where we would overwrite a newer version of the tool with a newer one
  • Various internal enhancements

 GPMT  1.1.1

Dec 15, 2016

  • gphealthcheck - New tool to verify system and resource queue settings
  • Multiple fixes

GPMT 1.2.0

Feb. 9, 2017

  • tablecollect - new tool to collect data files associated with a table for RCA
  • Multiple fixes

GPMT 1.2.1

April 4, 2017

  • Fix issue where RPC workers would fail to exit on RPC master termination
  • Fix RPC worker logging of % literals
  • Fix collection of ulimit in gp_log_collector


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