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vSphere Moving PCF onto a new Datastore


Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) Ops Manager versions 1.6 and above


The purpose of this document is to illustrate how to move between two vSphere Datastores in the same Datacenter and Resource Pool.


Procedure to move PCF onto a new datastore has been moved to the official Pivotal Documentation.


If the environment has any single points of failure, this could cause outages. Please refer to the documentation on High Availability for PCF. Please also check the configuration necessary for each of your Tiles to achieve High Availability.

When bosh moves the disks it will wait for up to 60 minutes for this operation to complete. If the operation does not complete in time, it can leave bosh in a state where it claims the disks are "out of sync". If you get into this state, you can resolve the issue with the steps in How to recover the "out of sync VMs" on vSphere from a failed Bosh deployment. You can also avoid it by proactively increasing the timeout to a larger value with the instructions from How to increase the timeout on Bosh CPI command calls.


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