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How to avoid mismatch between service plans and Resource Config in Pivotal GemFire for PCF -


Product Version
Pivotal GemFire for PCF 1.1 - 1.4


The purpose of this article is to describe configuration mistakes to avoid when installing the GemFire tile on PCF and how to fix an issue when the resource configuration does not match the service plans.


When configuring the GemFire tile on PCF, it is possible to define the service plans with a number of locators and/or servers that do not match what is defined in the resource tab. For instance, if Service Plan 2 and Service Plan 3 are configured with 2 locators and 3 servers (similar to the default configuration for Service Plan 1), but the Resource Config tab defines 5 and 7 servers, respectively, for these service plans, there is a mismatch. As a result, you can end up with VMs assuming that there would be 5 and 7 servers per cluster, while their settings file from BOSH says that there should only be 3.

The number of servers and locators for each service plan in the Resource Config tab is the total needed. If for instance, you need to be able to provision two instances of Service Plan 1, which has 2 locators and 3 servers as default, you need to configure Service Plan 1 jobs in Resource Config with 4 locators and 6 servers.


To fix the issue with a mismatched number of locators and/or servers, SSH to the offending server VMs (gemfire-server-plan-2-partition-null-az/3 and gemfire-server-plan-3-partition-null-az/3) and edit /var/vcap/jobs/server/config/cluster_settings.json to increase the num_servers_per_cluster value to "3" and "5", for gemfire-server-plan-2-partition-null-az/3 and gemfire-server-plan-3-partition-null-az/3, respectively. Once they no longer have the incorrect values and Ops Manager is correctly giving 3, 5, and 7 for the value of servers per cluster for each plan, applying changes in the Ops Manager should work and allow the install proceed.



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