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Using Amazon ELB with RabbitMQ


Product Version
RabbitMQ 3.6.x


In this article, we will outline the step to setup and configure Amazon Web Services (AWS) ELB for use with RabbitMQ.


In most situations if you have a RabbitMQ cluster you should have a load balancer in front of it so you have 1 known IP (DNS) address, AWS provide this via the ELB.


Some general steps to setting up the ELB are:
1. Under the AWS console select EC2 and then create an ELB.
2. Create a LB for the VPC
3. Set the ports that need to be redirected i.e. 
    - 5672 - TCP - RabbitMQ port
    - 15672 - HTTP - management Web GUI
4. Add any security required to the 2 ports
5. Set up health check on 5672 (see Image 1.1)


Image 1.1

6. Add your EC2 instances to the ELB (see Image 1.2 - note only one EC2 in this screenshot, but you can add more). Also "Cross-Zone Load Balancing distributes traffic evenly across all your back-end instances in all Availability Zones."


Image 1.2

7. Test it out by using the ELB URL

Additional Information 

We have some documentations on AWS here: https://www.rabbitmq.com/ec2.html 


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