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How to reset your PWS password


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This KB article describes the different methods of changing your Pivotal Web Services account password.


If you wish to change your password using your web browser, follow this process:

  1. Please go to http://run.pivotal.io/ and open My Account.
  2. Click on the Security tab.
  3. You will now have the option to enter a new password.

Another option is to use the Command Line Interface (CLI). If you wish to change your password using the CLI, please follow the instructions below. To change your password you will require the command, "passwd". (For a full list of all PWS CLI commands, input "cf help" or "cf -h").

  1. Run the command “cf passwd” in the CLI.
  2. Input your current password when prompted; once confirmed, you can input your desired password. Please note, you will be prompted to log back into your account to complete the password change process.



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