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Warning message that the statistics database is currently processing a high number of events seen on management UI in RabbitMQ


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When monitoring your broker(s) via management UI, a warning sign in a yellow box with the message shown below appears on the web UI.  


The management statistics database currently has a queue of <high number> of events to process. If this number keeps on increasing, so will the memory used by management plugin.


With a high number of statistics being emitted by different RabbitMQ components, the statistics collection process get overwhelmed and begins to use higher than the usual amount of RAM. If this happens, the warning message is displayed on the Web UI. The warning message might be related to this Rabbitmq github issue


You may need to address this warning message to avoid out of memory (OOM) issues. Here are a number of ways to address this:

  1. Review your collect_statistics_interval configuration (in milliseconds) and adjust accordingly. You may want to put on a longer interval so that the statistics database (DB) will not be overwhelmed.
    [{rabbit,[ {tcp_listeners,[5672]}
    {collect_statistics_interval, 30000} ] },
    {rabbitmq_management,[ {http_log_dir,  "/tmp/rabbit-mgmt"},
    {rates_mode,    basic}] }].
  2. Another configuration to review is the rates_mode. Depending on the mode you choose, this will determine the rate of message events sent to the statistics DB. 
  3. Follow the instructions in the Restart statistics database section here
  4. If the problem occurs from time to time, please contact Pivotal Support. 

Please note that if there is a change of configuration on Step 1 and Step 2, RabbitMQ needs to be restarted for those changes to apply.



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