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Enabling Bosh-init Debug Logs in the Ops Manager


Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) Version 1.7.x


How to enable bosh-init debug logging in Ops Manager. bosh-init is used for creating and updating the Ops Manager Director (its VM and persistent disk) in an environment. These debug logging are sometimes used to investigate complex deployment issues.


  1. ssh to Ops Manager VM
  2. pkill -f bosh-init
  3. find /home/tempest-web | grep bosh_init_cli_executor.rb
  4. Prepend BOSH_INIT_LOG_LEVEL=debug in front of the line "bosh-init #{command} #{manifest_file_path} > /tmp/bosh-init.log"
  5. Run service tempest-web stop && service tempest-web start && service nginx restart

Apply Changes and you should see a more detailed output in the log.

Additional Information

bosh-init logging


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    hrvoje pejcinovic
    Step 4 
    In /home/tempest-web/tempest/web/app/models/deployer/executors/bosh_init_cli_executor.rb
    can we comment out this line
    # @command_executor.run("bosh-init #{command} #{manifest_file_path}").tap do |exit_code|
    and replace it with

    @command_executor.run("BOSH_INIT_LOG_LEVEL=debug  bosh-init #{command} #{manifest_file_path}  > /tmp/bosh-init.log").tap do |exit_code|

    Edited by hrvoje pejcinovic
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    Daniel Mikusa

    I don't know if command executor would allow you to redirect output to a file or if adding that would break anything since we expect output from the command. Why would you want to do this though? Ops Manager will capture the output from bosh-init and store it for you (it's the first part of the installation log).

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    Josh Loar

    We followed the step from hrvoje to get the debug bosh-init log and it worked perfectly. Step 4 from the article did not exist when we worked through this today. Customer was running PCF 1.7

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